When you shop American-made,
we all win.

Over 2 million American households have made the change to improve their health, home environment and future for their families. Just like you, our family is always in search of higher quality products that are clean, ecofriendly, cost effective AND made in America.

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One change, changes everything.

Safe. Effective. Eco-Friendly. Affordable.

No parabens. No phthalates. No harsh chemicals.

With so many choices, why are so many American families unhealthy?
For decades we've been shopping from and supporting major
conglomerates that give us the illusion of choice!

Take for instance Procter & Gamble, these are only a few of the brands they own. Many of these products are imported from overseas.

Many of the consumer goods we buy today come with
warning labels, and there’s a reason for that!

With our dollars, we choose to support an American made
consumer goods manufacturer.

We found the solution!

We found "one" American manufacturer that meets our criteria:

Held Manufacturer


Great prices

Compared to leading brands

Non-toxic Products

For Every Area Of Your Home
and Life


American Jobs

And American Families

No Mainstream Advertising

Saving You Money!

Made In USA

A Proud American Company

Now YOU can make the change too!

Simply change stores to an American manufacturer at prices that compete with everyday brands you already buy every month.

It’s simple. Shop American-made from the comfort of your home.

No middle man, no advertising.

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